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  • thumbs/main/0.jpg Overview

    Everything you need to know!

  • thumbs/main/1.jpg 1 Blender crash course

    If you have not used Blender 3D before start here! This series presumes no prior 3d knowledge and takes you through the process of creating and animating 3d models. Animating against video backdrops is also covered.

  • thumbs/main/2.jpg 2 Dancing soda can

    This series of videos will teach you how to model texture and animate a dancing soda can. Some blender knowledge is presumed.

  • thumbs/main/3.jpg 3 Quick Tips

    Small videos with hints and tips. Great for extending your knowledge and a good follow-on from the crash course series.

  • thumbs/main/4.jpg 4 Beginner Physics - falling cubes

    Beginner tutorial - create realistic animations using Blender physics simulations.