Path And Pen Tool Tutorial

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  • thumbs/ps101/pathstute.jpg 1 Introduction

    This video provides an overview of what you will learn to do with the pen tool and paths.

  • thumbs/ps101/pathstute.jpg 2 Drawing a path

    Drawing bezier curves with the pen tool and understanding handles and control points.

  • thumbs/ps101/pathstute.jpg 3 Creating corners

    Creating corners in bezier curves when using the pen tool.

  • thumbs/ps101/pathstute.jpg 4 Cutting out photos

    How to clear cut (remove) objects from backgrounds with the pen tool.

  • thumbs/ps101/pathstute.jpg 5 Shape layers and paths

    The difference between shape layers and paths and when we need either of the two.

  • thumbs/ps101/pathstute.jpg 6 Layer effects

    A handy technique involving combining shape layers with layer effects and styles.

  • thumbs/ps101/pathstute.jpg 7 Wrap up

    A couple of cool things you can do with the pen tool and recap of what was learned.